#1. Paia: Not only is Paia the last place to get gas and a great opportunity to grab a smoothie and a boxed lunch at Hana Picnic Lunch, it is a charming town to experience in its own right.  Don’t miss the laid-back vibe of what is called “Maui’s Hippie Haven”.  It’s the official first stop on the Hana Highway, too!

Twin Falls

#2. Twin Falls: Just after mile marker 2, there is a large turnout on your right.  The first waterfall is on the left after a short hike – be careful, it can be super slippery.  A little farther up is a second, larger fall that you may see locals jumping from.  If you decide to try it, be aware that the water below is more shallow than it looks.

#3. Waikamoi Falls: Waikamoi is located just after mile marker 10, and has a reputation for being unpredictable.  If the rain has been falling, it’s a spectacular 70 foot waterfall.  If not, it may not be visible.  The best way to tell if the hike upstream will be worth it is to take a look at the smaller waterfall right by the highway.  If it’s flowing, the larger one usually is, too.

#4. Garden of Eden: The Garden of Eden arboretum is the next noteworthy stop.  It’s located about a mile past Waikamoi, and in our opinion is not to be missed.  For ten dollars per person, you can drive or walk through the gardens.  We say walk – there are over 500 fragrant flowers to be enjoyed along the paths.

#5. Ke’anae Peninsula: To get to the magical shoreline of Ke’anae Peninsula, take a left at the Ke’anae sign just past the Ke’anae Arboretum.  You’ll see the beach after driving through a flat area of land and some taro beds.  Definitely get out of the car and explore here – but watch out for big waves as you get closer to the ocean.

#6. Pua’a Ka’a: We love this state park for so many reasons!  Number one: there is a bathroom and a picnic area!  Also, there is an easily accessible 20 foot waterfall with two great swimming holes – perfect for the whole family.  If you want to check out the more powerful waterfall located higher up, keep in mind that the hike to get there is pretty challenging.

#7. Waianapanapa: This is a small, family-run recreation area with a lot to see and do.  It’s also beautiful!  It’s located just past mile-marker 32, right before you get to Hana.  Check out the black sand beach and the blowhole, and be sure to walk down the path through the hau forest – it’s unforgettable.

#8. Oheo Gulch: Back in the forties, Oheo Gulch was renamed the Seven Sacred Pools in an attempt to attract more visitors – and it worked!  This is truly a great place to get out of the car for a swim along the Road to Hana, and it even has a parking lot and a picnic area.

The Bamboo Forest on the Pipiwai Trail

#9. The Pipiwai Trail: This trail is located just above Oheo Gulch and is widely considered one of the best hikes on Maui.  It’s a four mile round trip, and goes all the way up to an elevation of 650 ft!  Allow at least a couple of hours so you don’t miss the bamboo forest at the end – it’s otherworldly. 

#10. Waimoku Falls: Remember the bamboo forest we mentioned at the end of Pipiwai Trail?  Well, there is another reason you don’t want to skip it – it ends at Waimoku Falls, sometimes called the best waterfall on Maui.  At 400 feet, it is an awe-inspiring sight!

We hope you have enjoyed our list of ten things to see on the Road to Hana, brought to you by the folks at Hana Picnic Lunch Company.  If you did, click the “like” button so we can bring you more of the same kinds of information.