The sights along the Road to Hana are so beautiful that at times you won’t believe your eyes.  Trust us when we tell you, you will want to remember the flowers, waterfalls, coastlines and more of the Hana Highway.

Since you are definitely bringing a camera, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  It’s damp on the Road to Hana, and between swimming in Oheo Gulch or checking out Twin Falls, things have a tendency to get wet.  Bring plastic baggies to keep your camera (and phone and wallet) nice and dry.  After all, you want to preserve the great shots you will take.  Also, when you leave your car parked on the main highway to go check something out you will probably take your camera, but if for some reason you don’t, be sure to lock it securely in your trunk.  Remember, valuables aren’t safe in plain view along the Hana Highway.  Plus, there’s no reason to leave you camera in the car – chances are you’ll miss a great picture.

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