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Road to Hana Picnic Lunches, Supplies & Info!

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We are your one-stop-shop in Paia Town, the gateway to the world famous ‘Road to Hana’.

Being prepared with info, supplies and food for your Hana Highway adventure is a definite necessity. With us it’s easy, and you’ll be on your way in style. Even if you plan to grab a bite in Hana, getting set up for the drive and the many stops on the way, is key. You can see our available online lunch items below, as well as breakfast and other essentials right here on our website.

When it comes to freshly made-to-order picnic lunches, breakfasts and smoothies, sight-seeing tips, up to the minute road & weather info, and important supplies: We Are The Road To Hana Headquarters!

Located in friendly Paia Town, known as the ‘gateway to the Road to Hana’. Our convenient one-stop-shop will provide you with everything, fast and easy. Our info is current and our experts are friendly. Our supplies are just what you need, right when you need it. And our food is made to order with the freshest bread, rolls and ingredients. Many of our vegetables are grown locally and everything is prepared with Aloha! And all of our ‘Hana Picnic Lunches To Go’ include a hearty sandwich, chips and a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie.

Check us out on your way, and enjoy your adventure on the Road to Hana (like the locals) in style!

Open Daily 7am to 3:30pm




Hana Picnic Lunch To Go Bagels

All sandwiches served on your choice of house panini, gluten free bagel, whole wheat bagel, or an everything bagel.

Or you can get your sandwich as a yummy, healthy lettuce wrap.

Hana Picnic lunch Lettuce Wrap Sandwiches

Parking & Directions

Find Parking, Maps and Directions to Hana Headquarters in Paia, the Gateway to the Road to Hana