Don’t Hog The Road
Pull off to the side of the road if you have a pile of cars behind you. The locals, after all, have to go to work.

Bring a Swimsuit
It’s romantic to skinny dip near a waterfall, but the Road to Hana is pretty popular and you probably won’t be alone. Pack a suit and towel just to be safe.

What to do, and what not to do on the Road to Hana

This 42-mile road (from mile-marker 0) is literally carved into the side of the island and offers some of the world’s most breathtaking oceanfront scenery.

We are comfortable saying that the Road to Hana is our personal favorite road trip, in terms of scenic highways. The scenery is spectacular, with cascading waterfalls, lava caves, enchanting floral gardens, pristine coasts, rain-forests and much more. And the people in Hana are wonderful too. Don’t take our word for it, though — check out the photos of the sights this famous road offers (follow the links below). The road starts on route 36 in Paia, and the mile markers reset to 0 when Route 36 becomes 360 – a good time to reset your odometer. One note of caution: Never leave valuables in your unattended car or trunk (this applies to anywhere you travel) – better safe than sorry!  

Take Time for a Treat
On the way home be sure to stop in at Paia Gelato in Pa`ia for fresh Maui made gelato. Yummy!

Fuel Yourself
There’s a great restaurant in Hana, but pick up some snacks and smoothies for the drive at Hana Picnic Lunch Co.

Explore PA’IA
Get some gas (no station until Hana) and take in the relaxed vibe of what is sometimes called “Maui’s Hippie Haven.” ​Sand & Sea has great gifts & souvenirs.

Stay Dry
It rains on the way to Hana. A lot. Bring a few plastic Ziplocs for your camera and wallet. Too late? Stop by Hana Picnic Lunch Co, we have what you need!
Never Honk
Honking is considered to be very un-Aloha. Only honk in case of emergency.

Stay Safe
When you get out to explore, remember that many areas will be muddy, slippery, steep, or heck, all three. Be careful!

Parking & Directions

Find Parking, Maps and Directions to Hana Headquarters in Paia, the Gateway to the Road to Hana