The Road to Hana is an unpredictable drive.  It is hard to say how long it will take you to navigate any given stretch of the road.  After all, you may pull over with a plan to take ten minutes and check out a waterfall and find yourself still contemplating its beauty an hour later.  That’s why we suggest bringing a box lunch from Hana Picnic Lunch.  These box lunches put Hana Picnic on the map, and there’s a good reason why.  If numerous travelers didn’t find themselves in exactly the situation we just described, a restaurant selling boxed lunches for the drive could never have become the most popular stop.  Yet it is, and we’re glad to be able to pick up one of these delicious picnic lunches and have the freedom to travel the road at our own pace with no worries about rushing to find food.

On your way today?  Try the Black Forest Ham, or our favorite, the Italian Sub.  You also get chips, a fresh-baked cookie, and a pineapple slice.  And me, personally – I never leave Hana Picnic Lunch Company without a Papaya Passion smoothie.  Delicious!

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