No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke.  There is actually a zero percent chance of precipitation predicted for the Road to Hana this afternoon!

A sunny day on the Road to Hana.

If you’re planning to take advantage of the clear sky be sure to dress cool because temperatures as high as 81 degrees are predicted.  Also, don’t forget your sunscreen.  Even with patchy cloud cover, it’s possible to get a lot of sun without realizing it.  As we head into afternoon, the temperature should start to drop and the sun may disappear behind the clouds for good.  Don’t worry, the chance of rain is still low at around three percent.  Going into evening, plan on more clouds.  The temperature should stay steady around seventy-one degrees.  So bring some sunscreen, throw a light jacket in the car, and maybe dare to leave your rain gear behind!  Maybe… It is the Road to Hana after all.

Weather on the Road to Hana can change fast, and we hope this in-depth forecast helps you enjoy your day seeing the beautiful sights of Maui‘s famous, curvy Hana Highway.

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