The tree grows to 60–70 m tall and has a very substantial trunk, up to 3 m in diameter with buttresses, and the leaves are compounded of 5 to 9 leaflets, each up to 20 cm and palm like. An adult tree produces several hundred 15 cm seed pods which contain seeds surrounded by a fluffy, yellowish fiber that is a mix of lignin and cellulose. The process of harvesting and separating this fiber, which is light, very buoyant, resilient, highly flammable and resistant to water, is very labor-intensive and done manually. It cannot be spun so it is used as a filling for bedding, upholstery, and for insulation. It was previously much used in life jackets and similar devices but has been largely replaced by man-made materials. The seeds also produce an oil which is used locally in soap and also as fertilizer. For more information on this and other trees that grow on Maui, check out Hana Picnic Co.