Paia today.

In Maui’s mid-nineteenth century, the town of Paia was the bustling heart of the island’s sugar cane industry.  In these days Paia was home to sugar industry workers from China, Japan, the Phillipines and Portugal.  Paia is equally diverse today, with modern hippies, foreign windsurfers and older plantation workers walking its streets.  Just as Paia was crucial to the sugar industry, today it is equally important to those making the trek to Hana.  Paia is the last place to stop and fuel up before the windy Road to Hana, and it is suggested that the journey not be undertaken without at least a three-quarters full tank of gas.  Remember, the Road to Hana is full of things to see and do, and a stop in Paia is the best way to make sure your group has the gas, food, and water necessary to make the most of it.

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