The first modern roads on Maui began to be built around the late 1800s.  Many of these early roads led to and from different plantations in the town of Hana, where sugar, pineapple, wheat and rubber all flourished.  In 1849, George Wilfong opened the first sugar cane mill in Hana, and shortly after King Kalakaua entered into an agreement to import sugar into the United States duty-free.  Because of Kalakaua’s treaty, by 1883 the number of sugar plantations in Hana skyrocketed to six.  At this time there were small roads going from one plantation to another as well as partial routes to Kahului from Hana or from Paia to Hana.  The problem was a lack of reliable roads to bring workers to and from Hana or to carry goods out from the town’s thriving plantations. Check Hana Picnic Co for more information.