While Hana can be hard to leave, a good day in Hana can be ruined by driving home in the dark. If you think driving on narrow, one-lane roads with precipitous drop-offs is difficult during the daylight hours, try doing it at night! Leaving by 4 p.m. at the latest  provides enough daylight to ensure a well-lit journey back home. Despite how enjoyable a day trip to Hana can be, the bottom line is that it’s still a really long day. A good plan is to opt to stay overnight, either camping at the Pools of Ohe’o, or staying in a bed and breakfast or the hotel back in town. In addition to not feeling rushed, those who opt to stay overnight can wake up and have beaches and swimming holes all to themselves before the throngs of day-tripping tourists arrive again the following day, usually beginning at 11 am. Hana Picnic Co. can advise you on where to stay.