The Road to Hana doesn’t end in Hana, in fact, many of Hana’s natural treasures lie in the ten miles beyond actual Hana town. Hamoa Beach, which is consistently voted as one of the top beaches in America, is a couple of miles past the town of Hana. Waioka Pool, a brackish, hidden pool which sits right on the rocky coastline is also past Hana and finally, 30 minutes beyond Hana town, the Pools of Ohe’o Gulch (also known as the “Seven Sacred Pools”) are arguably the best sight on the entire eastern flank of the island. This is a  series of cascading waterfalls and pools which lead directly into the blue Pacific and a two-mile trail on the mountain side of the highway leads to the towering, 400 ft. Waimoku Falls. So be sure to plan your trip to take in the sights after Hana too! Hana Picnic Co can help you with this, pick up their free route map when you stop by to pick up your packed lunch.