What better way to have a great day on the Road to Hana than to start it with a satisfying, delicious breakfast?  Stop by Hana Picnic Lunch Company in Paia and try one of their delicious bagels.  Paia is the first official stop on the Road to Hana, and Hana Picnic Lunch stocks many of the essentials you will need for your road trip. But, back to the bagels!  Get a great start to the day with a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with red onions and capers.  If you plan on hiking, grab a Pineapple Power smoothie with protein and spirulina. They also have vegan and vegetarian bagel options, along with a wide variety of other fruit smoothies.  Take a look at the menu on their website for details.  There are long stretches of the highway without food for sale, so fill up your belly and your gas tank before you leave Paia, that way you can make the most of all the great stops ahead of you.